Saturday, 14 July 2012

holybrook walk

Three minute video from the AgeUK Berkshire Historical Walk in Reading along the Holybrook and River Kennet

Friday, 13 July 2012

Summer holiday workshops

  • The aim is to have fun in the museum either doing our trail on an iPad (which can be carried, worn round the neck or wheeled round on a trolley) looking at videos and photos of a few of the objects in the museum and/or making your own museum trail.
  • Participants can use either their own smartphones/tablets (like iPads) or use one of ours (or both!)
  • We will show how to make a QR code (one of those square dotty barcodes) and scan it on a smartphone/iPad so it takes you to something interesting (like a video).
  • Participants can chose one or more objects in the museum which they find interesting. They can take photos or videos of it and we'll help them make a QR code for it, and a museum-type label with this on.
  • This can be tied to the museum object and they can show people how to do their 'trail' if they like (or take more photos with it in place perhaps to show to the family later.)
  • The aim is to have fun, do things at whatever speed the participant likes, rather than have a formal 'learning experience'.
  • We aim to just have a few participants on each afternoon, with free cake and tea/coffee/juice for them and their companion.
  • Companions are welcome to join in, look round the museum or relax in one of its comfy chairs as they like. [we haven't quite worked out how to show live Olympics at the same time, but am investigating!)
  • Everything is in one area, with the studio just off the main museum gallery.
  • There is flat access (including to a disabled toilet at the end of the gallery).
  • Free parking.
  • If participants would like to tell us of their special needs in advance we will do our best to accommodate them.